TSC Inspiration – December 2018

By Sophia Littledale

In Homage to Paul Danan 


It’s official, Paul Danan, is back and better than before. The former Hollyoaks, Celebrity Love Island and Celebrity Big Brother star has inadvertently become the latest social media sensation, as he (or rather, someone) tells the stories behind some of the most memorable celebrity photos of the nineties and early noughties. 


With the recent resurgence of all things 90s, it’s no surprise that Danan’s spoof tales of D-list celebrities are gathering widespread support. The unauthorised @paul_danan_official Instagram account has 62.5k followers to date, despite only launching this summer. 


Highlights include candid tales of nights out with Dean Gaffney, Calum Best, Darren Day, Dane Bowers, Natalie Cassidy and more. 

It’s a Lidl bit funny… 


Last month, John Lewis released its big budget, Christmas advert illustrating the career of Elton John. The advert tells the touching tale of Elton receiving a piano as a boy, which proves life-changing. 


While Twitter has launched its own The Real John Lewis Ad, discount grocer Lidl also jumped on the back of John Lewis’s advert with its own campaign, entitled “It’s a Lidl bit funny”, which ridicules the grandiose gift from the upscale department store. Lidl then went on to suggest that music lovers could start their career with a cheaper keyboard from their own store; “Just because you don’t have £872 to spend on a piano, doesn’t mean you can’t be the next Elton”, while marketing its own keyboard, costing £89.99.


Meanwhile John Lewis, hit back. The department store tweeted, “It’s a Lidl bit cheaper”, while sharing a link to ‘My first piano’, costing £15. Nicely played. 

A BBC journalist has perfectly summed up how many people feel about Brexit


In a clip which has gone viral across social media (well, Twitter), a BBC journalist has given perhaps the most honest review of Brexit by a commentator yet.


Giving his assessment on BBC Breakfast, BBC political correspondent Chris Mason admitted in a piece to camera that he hasn’t “the foggiest idea” what will happen with regards Brexit and the likelihood Theresa May will get the deal through parliament. 


He then went on to add; “Is the Prime Minister going to get a deal with the EU? Don’t know. Is she going to get it through the Commons? Don’t know about that either. I think you might as well get Mr Blobby back on to offer his analysis, because frankly I suspect his is now as good as mine.”


Many fellow journalists took to Twitter to praise Mason for his honesty. The Spectator editor and Daily Telegraph columnist Fraser Nelson said Mason made an “important political point: no one has a clue”, while The Sun political editor Tom Newton Dunn said Mason “speaks for all of Westminster”.