TSC Inspiration: July 2018

By Sophia Littledale

Instagram IGTV.jpg

IGTV Best-in-Class

June saw the release of Instagram’s latest offering, IGTV, and a heap of brands and influencers are already producing some stand-out content. 

Alex Steinherr IGTV.jpg

The Queen of Insta beauty, Alex Steinherr, has unsurprisingly taken to IGTV like a millennial to sheet masks. Her channel features morning routines, highlighter tips, make-up prep and more. One to watch for all your beauty needs.

Gucci IGTV.png

Gucci is another global brand quick to react to Instagram’s latest offering. The iconic Italian label has uploaded footage from all of their shows since 2015; making it a go-to destination for anyone looking to delve into the Gucci archive. 

Warby Parker IGTV.jpg

The prescription eyewear brand, Warby Parker, is showing strong signs of becoming an IGTV powerhouse. So far, the brand has uploaded a handful of videos showcasing people of interest who wear their designs, such as Parker Kit Hill (dancer), Sophia Chang (illustrator) and Samantha Irby (writer and ‘internet joke person’ – her words, not ours).

Anderson Paak

Anderson Paak

It’s no over-statement to say that Anderson Paak has one of the most creative, original and jaw-droppingly beautiful Instagram accounts in the game. 

The California-native’s profile has been created so that each image stylistically runs into the next. Whether it’s a Jimmy Kimmel attendance feeding into Surrealist-inspired beach shots, or Paak flying a UFO merging into a kitsch Christmas skiing scene, the profile never fails to impress.  

The rapper doesn’t let a good image come in the way of promotion either. Behind each stylised post sits a video or a carousel of images, featuring song releases, behind-the-scenes content, tour dates and more. Check it out. 

Image credit: TechCrunch

Image credit: TechCrunch

Instagram Launch Four-Way Calls

Just when we thought Instagram couldn’t get much better, the Facebook-owned platform has announced that it will support video calls between users. In what is seen as a direct threat to Snapchat (which already supports 16-way calls), Instagram’s video call function allows up to four friends to engage in a group call through Instagram Direct.

Just in case staying present isn’t your thing, Instagram video calls can also be undertaken while browsing, swiping and liking.