5 Social Media Trends for 2019

By Alex Jeater

1.     Shopping on Instagram 

TSC social trends 1.png

While businesses have been able to add product information to Instagram posts since March 2017, so far the platform has been a little slow to monetise the process – with users required to click though to the retailer’s website to make a purchase. However, its rumoured that Instagram is developing a standalone shopping App that allows users to purchase products, which could revolutionise the shopping process.  

2.     Serialised Video Content Goes Mainstream 

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On the back of the success of Netflix, Facebook launched Watch, its own video platform of TV shows back in 2017, and has seen some limited success. However since its launch the platform has gone on to air some critically acclaimed shows, such as Sorry For Your Loss, and also added Watch Party– a feature which allows people to watch and comment throughout the duration of a show. Expect better quality content from Facebook (and YouTube) in 2019, and higher viewer figures. 

3.     Stories Continue to Dominate 

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Instagram recently stated that Stories account for 60% of traffic on its platform – a staggeringly high number. Indeed, since the Stories feature was introduced, dwell time on the platform has increased from 11 to 29 minutes. However, with Facebook’s revenue under pressure it will be interesting to see how far the platform pushes monetisation. For example, will un-skippable Stories Ads be introduced? 

4.     The Rise and Rise of Chatbots

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According to Facebook, there are already 300,000 active chatbots on Messenger, a number which is likely to increase in 2019. Indeed, with recent surveys showing the majority of customers prefer to message over calling, and customers expecting service 24/7, its likely that chatbot integrations will continue to grow throughout the year. 

5.     Visual Search 

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While visual search isn’t likely to be a trend that will explode in 2019, we love the idea of simply pointing a camera at something to find out more information or record data - so much so that we have added it to our list. Early adopters should check out Pinterest Lens.