TSC Inspiration: January 2019

By Sophia Littledale

Sir David Attenborough Takes the ‘People’s Seat’

TSC Jan Insp 1.png

Sir David Attenborough is internationally renowned for his forward-thinking approach to climate change. He has famously been quoted saying that “a failure to tackle climate change will be a catastrophe for the planet”.

As part of his work with the UN, the naturalist was recently invited to take up the ‘People’s Seat’ at the opening of the UN’s environmental talks in Poland. 

The People’ Seat was created by the UN to give ordinary people a place at the table with politicians, to remind them that “they aren’t working in a vacuum. They are dealing with real people’s futures.”

In his role, Attenborough gave an impassioned speech, made up of climate change concerns from the general public, to world leaders. The comments were submitted via the #TakeYourSeat hashtag on social media – again demonstrating the power of crowdsourcing on social for serious issues such as climate change.  

Wetherspoons parody account unveiled

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Pub chain heavyweight JD Wetherspoon has taken legal action to force Twitter into revealing the person behind two amusing parody accounts, @SpoonsTom, and @Wetherspoon__UK (account suspended).

Despite the pub chain leaving Twitter in April 2018, it is keen to unmask the prankster, who is believed to behind both accounts, claiming that the tweets are “abusive” and misleading to its customers. 

During the case at the High Court, the humour was not lost on the judge, Victoria McCloud, who laughed out loud as one parody tweet, sent on the morning of England’s World Cup semi-final with Croatia, was read aloud in court;

“As it is England’s first World Cup semi-final since 1990, it looks like Gareth Southgate won’t be the only one wearing a waistcoat on Waistcoat Wednesday. Anyone wearing a waistcoat in ANY of our pubs will receive one free drink during the England-Croatia match.”

At the hearing the judge ordered Twitter to disclose information relating to the identity of the person behind the comedy accounts be disclosed by mid-January. 

May this be the death of the prank social account? 

Azealia Banks, Jack Dorsey and his Beard Hair

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In one of the most bizarre stories we’ve heard in a long time, Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has allegedly asked Azealia Banks to make a protective amulet out of his beard hair. The aim is to protect him from evil, in particular ISIS, who recently threatened Dorsey. 

The rapper confirmed the rumour by tweeting that Dorsey had “sent me his hair in an envelope because I was supposed to make him an amulet for protection.”

Azealia Banks is also set to benefit from the deal. Dorsey has apparently promised to promote her mixtape Slay-Z in exchange for her promoting his cash transfer app, Square and crafting him the magical object. 

To date, Dorsey has yet to tweet about the amulet, suggesting he is yet to receive the gift.