Platform Updates

By Alex Jeater

Social Media Innovations: January 2019

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram messaging services to merge 

tsc040219 1.png

Probably the biggest social media story so far this year is the announcement by Facebook that it intends to integrate Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. The integration would allow users to share messages across the three platforms seamlessly. For example, a WhatsApp user would be able to text an Instagram user without needing to switch applications – a development that has many benefits for brands wishing to communicate with customers without users needing to be logged onto a specific platform. 


However, there are concerns that such a move could mean a loss of security on WhatsApp – a platform that offers end to end encryption (a feature not offered in full on Facebook or Instagram). The merger of the messaging service could also see Facebook fall foul of EU anti-trust and privacy laws.

Netflix adds Instagram Stories sharing 

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On-demand video giant Netflix has announced that it will now allow users to share artwork from the TV show or film they are watching direct to Stories, complete with a 'Watch on Netflix' link at the top left of the image.


It’s likely that an increasing number of brands will copy Netflix and start to integrate sharing on Stories to help build awareness of products in an authentic, social manner. 


LinkedIn rumoured to be launching lookalike audiences

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In the past few months, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of client requests for LinkedIn content and Ads. Part of the reason is that the platform has notably improved its offer, and now offers a range of new services including carousel images and better targeting options. The algorithm is also relatively straightforward to build impressions organically. 


One of LinkedIn’s rumoured new improvements is the launch of lookalike audience for Ads – a feature that will allow even better Ad performance on what can be an expensive social media platform. Just another reason why you should consider LinkedIn in 2019 - even if you aren’t in the b2b space.