TSC Inspiration: February 2019

By Sophia Littledale

You do you, baby

tsc insp feb 1.png

Another day, another Mariah-ism. This time it comes from her entry into Instagram’s recent  ’10 Year Challenge’. 

From bathing in milk, to riders demanding 100 white doves, Carey is no stranger to eyebrow raising behaviour and she’s done it again with her latest post. Further proof that time does not control this superstar singer. 

 “I can do this in monks’ robes”

tsc insp feb 2.png

When a Japanese monk was recently fined by the police for driving while wearing a kimono – as it “could affect safe driving” – it started a social media revolution, with other members of the community taking to social media to prove how unrestrictive their traditional attire is. 

Monks have shared videos of them skipping, skating, juggling and performing acrobatics to demonstrate their point, complete with the accompanying “I can do this in monks’ robes” hashtag (#僧衣でできるもん).

Kylie Jenner vs. an egg

tsc insp feb 3.png

In February 2018, Kylie Jenner announced the name of her first child on Instagram. The shot of Stormi Webster received over 18 million likes, making it the most popular post on the image-sharing platform. 

However, in January a plan was hatched for an egg to topple the Kardashian Queen. A week later and the egg had received more than 32 million likes and counting. Not to miss a PR opportunity, Kylie shared a response of her frying an egg on the streets of SoCal. 

 Money talks 

tsc insp feb 4.png

Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, recently used his vast wealth to achieve the accolade of the most shared tweet in history. 

Using the carrot and stick approach, the Zozotown founder incentivised followers to achieve his goal by promising ¥100 million ($920,000) in cash to 100 people who followed his account and retweeted his plan to travel to the moon with Twitter’s most controversial man, Elon Musk.