Social Media Advertising Workshop

By Alex Jeater

We’re all off to sunny Spain. Viva EADA (University)

social media advertising workshop.png

Last month, I had the privilege of delivering a Social Media Advertising Workshop for MBA students at EADA University in Barcelona. Over the course of two days, I was tasked with introducing 70 MBA students from Europe, North, Central, South America and Asia to Facebook and Instagram advertising.  

The workshop focused on the benefits of social media advertising over traditional media, how Facebook collects data, and how to set up target audiences to achieve different campaign objectives. 

After the introduction, students broke out into project teams, where they were tasked with designing a campaign in full, including building an Ad Set and creating several Ads to be served to target audiences for their chosen product or service.  

social media advertising 2.png

 The workshop gave students a rounded understanding of the potential benefits of social media advertising, and how it works. Much fun was also had with the creative, as multiple teams created professional videos for their respective product or service in just a few hours, with some excellent professional-level work produced. 

social media adveritising 3.png

Interestingly, students were particularly surprised at the depth of data that Facebook and Instagram holds on users – suggesting that despite all the recent revelations regarding data privacy, even the platform’s most prevalent users don’t realise just what it knows about their habits and interests. 

Overall, the workshop was great fun to deliver, aided by the strong student engagement and laid back, friendly atmosphere. A big thank you to EADA for having me, and I am looking forward to coming back next year. 

If you would like to learn more about the power of social media advertising and would like to set up a tailored workshop for your business or organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.