Social Media Innovations: February 2019

By Alex Jeater

A round-up of this month’s key platform updates

Instagram is testing donation stickers for Stories

Social Media innovations Feb 1, The Social Consultant.png

We start with the news that Instagram is testing a donation sticker for Stories. The feature will allow users to easily donate to a not for profit by linking to a specific fundraising URL, but in the future may allow for one-touch payment from users who click on the sticker while in the App. A great option for charities running Stories campaigns. 

LinkedIn launches live video 

Social Media innovations Feb 2, The Social Consultant.png

Last month, LinkedIn announced the launch of LinkedIn Live, a feature which allows users to live stream videos directly to their followers. While such a feature has existed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for some time, its arrival on LinkedIn opens up multiple options for business to business marketing and recruitment events, including live product launches, demonstrations, Q&As and conferences. LinkedIn Live will initially be launched in the US, but expect a global roll out soon.  

Facebook is moving all campaigns to campaign budget optimisation 

Social Media innovations Feb 3, The Social Consultant.png

A slightly more technical update this one, but earlier in February Facebook announced that by September 2019 all campaign budget will be optimised at the campaign level, rather than Ad set level. This means that the platform will automatically optimise spend between Ad Sets – which in theory should make campaigns more efficient. It may, however, lead to some messy campaign creation as targeting specific groups will require the set up of individual campaigns.