TSC Inspiration: March 2019

By Sophia Littledale

The holy trinity of social media: Alan Partridge, crisps & inspirational women

“As clogged as John’s arteries”

TSC Inspiration March 2, The Social Consultant.png

Last week, the much-anticipated ‘This Time with Alan Partridge’ aired on BBC One. To help promote the new series for Norwich’s biggest export, BBC employees took to Twitter to reveal an email sent to over 20,000 BBC employees in Partridge’s notoriously awkward tone to “clear the air of any residual stench” and to assure his colleagues that there are “no hard feelings” after the BBC sacked him in the 90s. Back of the net.

Nike’s ‘Dream Crazier’ campaign

TSC Inspiration March 3, The Social Consultant.png

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Nike has launched an extremely powerful campaign that encourages women to ‘Dream Crazier’. Narrated by Serena Williams, the 1-minute 30-second video sheds sexist assumptions and dispels misconceptions. The video, featuring Caster Semenya, Simone Biles, Ibtihaj Muhammad and Chloe Kim, has already reached over 28 million views and counting.

Who is the best manager in the world?

TSC Inspiration March 4, The Social Consultant.png

BT Sport’s recent Twitter community engagement prompt to name “the best (football) manager in the world?” was greeted by an unusual response by one fan of Co-Op’s Chardonnay Wine Vinegar Crisps. In recent weeks, fans have taken to the Twittersphere in droves (aided by a name check on the Hi-Lo podcast) to declare their love for the snack, with messages featuring empty Co-op shelfs, selfies and odes of love. We can reveal that the crisps very much do live up to the hype.